Crimson Creek

Crimson Creek is an homage to slasher films of the 1980s. You and a few friends head up to the Lake to celebrate your recent graduation.

Ignoring the advice and cautions from locals, you embark on a hard-partying amorous filled lost weekend. Little do you know that it was at this exact spot, thirty years ago to the day, that infamous killer Klein aka The Hatchet Man was executed.

But as soon as night falls you learn the terrifying truth. KLEIN IS BACK. And he has bewitched one of the residents of Crimson Creek to seek his vengeance. You must Run, Peek, and Hide to survive until morning. But even then you won’t be safe. You will never be safe again, until you learn the true identity of the killer possessed by The Hatchet Man.

Players take turns moving their character tokens around various Crimson Creek locations trying to avoid Klein and deduce his lair and identity. Klein’s lair is deduced by secretly looking at locations Klein has yet to attack. His identity is deduced by matching discovered clues with Suspects in a police lineup.

If a player is on a location Klein is attacking without having a hiding place they are slashed and killed by Klein and eliminated from the game.

Work together and survive 3 Acts(rounds), identify the killer, and win the game.


A. Player Character Cards

B. Peeking Sleeves

C. Hiding Place Tiles

D. Player Location Cards

E. Reveal Deck

F. Search Deck

G. Attack Deck

H. Evidence / Line-Up Card

I. Clue Sleeves

J. Exposure Marker Cube

K. Exposure Card

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