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Hi Everyone,

We’re launching our campaign next week and we’d love to get your feedback on the preview page. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.

PLUNDEROUS, our epic steampunk pirate euro-4x game now on #Kickstarter, mentioned in the latest edition of @steampunk_explr

Today, 1PM EST!
Live playthrough of our new epic euro-4X steampunk pirate game, PLUNDEROUS! Paul Grogan of @GamingRulesVids hosts @RTFMshow's Shea Parker & #PLUNDEROUS designer Andrew Scott! How will this game go, war-like or euro? Watch to find out!

🏴‍☠️PLUNDEROUS🦜 (our Tabletop Games project LIVE on #Kickstarter) is listed on @Kicktraq and you can help by clicking the link & once there hitting "Visit Project". (And share from there too if you're feeling so inclined🙏)
#Pirates + #steampunk = 😍
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Check out this preview from @thedicetower’s Mark Streed of our epic euro-4X steampunk piracy game that’s now LIVE on #Kickstarter! Pledge your support for PLUNDEROUS here:
Join the #PlunderousCrew!

TY @RuelGaviola for demo’ing PLUNDEROUS on @TabletopiaGames with us and giving your feedback. We appreciate the support! And now anyone can play our new epic euro-4X steampunk piracy game at for a limited time. #RuelRules #PlunderousCrew #Kickstarter

TY @txemico for sailing the PLUNDEROUS seas with us during those years. The game is all the better what with your amazing contributions! #TheMicoRocks
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ТхеМичо @txemico
Plunderous- been working on this game 2 years ago (and some) :). Happy that is finally live on kickstarter -